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Outdoor Massage Service In Addis

We are a professional Outdoor massage agency in the heart of Addis
we offer you our services

Ethio Girls Outdoor Massage Service In Addis  offer a variety of erotic massage treatments to ease all your tension from everyday stress. Our gorgeous masseuses on meeting are wearing sexy lingerie to allow your imagination to enter into the magical realms of your creative mind whilst enjoying our sensual theraputic service. All our ladies hands specialise in our famous erotic massage styles which is included in all our services to end the perfect massage.

Delight yourself with erotic massage in Addis Ababa. Well-shaped girls are waiting for you. Order a therapy to satisfy your body and rest from your everyday problems. This session is a wonderful choice for your intimate health.

Erotic massage combined with exotic massage techniques is a real relaxation for the body. Professional girls working in our salon will do their best to make the session memorable and beneficial for clients. Choose such a relaxation if you want to renew your strength, to recover after a working day, to enjoy the company of beautiful masseuses, to feel excitement and relaxation at the same time.

Sensual Massage in ADDIS Great Action in the City That Never Sleeps The bustling areas of BOLE & 22 have never seen the wonders of erotic massage in ADDIS . Take it all in on multiple visits and learn the secrets of ETHIO GIRLS sensual massage. This is one trip that will stay with you for a lifetime. Erotic Massage in ADDIS  Has Never Been Better You know that feeling when yourealize everything is going right? That is the best way to describe erotic massage in ADDIS.


The Finest Tantric Massage in Addis : A True Awakening of Senses There are many ways to unwind when you live in a big city, but the best tantric massage in Addis can give a whole new meaning to relaxation. You’ll dive in a world made up of new sensory experiences. Our girls will touch you in a way you’ve never been touched before, awakening all your senses and relaxing your full body. HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE  AVAILABLE TODAY IN ADDIS ABABA  Exclusive.

Happy Ending Massage in Addis – Your Ticket to Complete Relaxation Living in a big city like Addis and facing rushed daily rhythms can quickly drain your energy levels. There are various ways to recharge your batteries, but a happy ending massage in Addis  by our girls can give a whole new meaning to relaxation. At ETHIO GIRLS MASSAGE, we know how to invigorate you in the best possible way; so, choose your masseuse, your favorite massage oil scent, and get ready to immerse yourself in full sensorial. Call for Outdoor Massage Service In Addis

There are so many Nuru Massage Outdoor Massage Service In Addis  , it  is not easy to find right kind of girls and therapist who are well versed in Nuru massage like Ethio Girls Massage. Nuru massage is done by Nuru gel and it is fully erotic services, many therapists does not know Nuru massage and many of them do not do it due to erotic nature, it involved erotic activities to satisfying sexual need but full sex is not included in it. The word massage means healing of the body utilizing touching, squeezing or kneading. Massage has become an important part of human life. 


The lingam form of massage has a focus on clearing energy pathways and blockages, which is thought to promote the body’s healing process. Is described as feeling like there are raising waves that then crash down, building and building with ever-growing intensity and delight. As this energy builds up, it is held deliciously before being allowed to disperse and spreads over the entire body.We invite you to book your Ethis Girls Lingam Massage in Addis  and feel something you never felt in your entire life. You won’t be sorry that you chose to have this extraordinary experience.

We are a team of super professional girls who give joy to our clients
contact us for more information
We are a team of super professional girls who give joy to our clients
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Airport Rd, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

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Phone: +251-909-427290

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